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  • My Contacts Section
  • - will replace my favorites with vast improvements
    - allow management of all potential matches including when last contacted, how many messages sent and received, editable notes section, and editable statuses for each contact
  • Guild Profile Permissions
  • - will allow more than one account to access guild profile information
    - main account will add officer permissions to help maintain guild profile
    - permissions will include udpating guild info, bumping of guild post, and guild mailbox access
  • Saved Searches
  • - signed in users will get ability to save search selection setups
[3-26-17] - WoWMatcher has a new owner!

After a long hiatus from new features WoWMatcher has transferred ownership and operations. The site has been moved out of beta and will begin to receive updates moving forward. Look forward to more news soon.....

[2-15-11] - Cataclysm Raid Update

We've updated all progression information to include all the current Cataclysm Raid Dungeons.

[2-8-10] - Icecrown Citadel Update

We've updated all progression information to include Icecrown Citadel and also updated all the progression searches. We apologize for the late arrival of this update, work on the site had to be put on hold for several months due to real life commitments. We're finally back in a place where we can implement more continuous updates and support going forward. The next planned realease will be a rather large update concerning the new my contacts and recruitment tracking sections which is about 50% done at the moment. Thanks to everyone who has continued to use Wowmatcher and we hope we can make it a better recruitment tool for everyone going forward.

[9-8-09] - New Search Options

We added new search options to help filter through the growing number of guilds and players. The new options include Progression Chart settings which feature all current WOLTK raid instances and also player and guild schedule settings that include schedule regions and times. We hope this helps find your matches much faster. For the near future we're gonna continue to fine tune the search features while moving on to the My Contacts addition.

[8-13-09] - Patch 3.2 Updates

We updated the site to include all the new stuff for the recent 3.2 patch. The Progression Chart has been updated to include the Crusaders' Coliseum instance. We will unlock the bosses on the charts as they are released each week. We have also added an option to player profiles to indicate if you are willing to switch factions. The new search features should implemented within the next few weeks, so keep an eye out.

[7-29-09] - Player Role Option Reworked

Before getting to the new search features, we took some time to rework the way roles are implemented on player profiles. We seperated them out into 4 categories (melee dps, ranged dps, healing and tank). You can know pick and choose which roles you are interested in rather than all or one and only the roles relevant to your class will be available as options. The search has also been reworked to filter out classes that dont correspond to certain roles. For example you wont see a Death Knight who selected Any Role show up in a Healing search. All players should reset the roles in their profiles to makes sure they will appear in the proper searches.

[7-27-09] - Wowmatcher Hits 1000 Active Accounts and Foreign Characters Fix

Just wanted to let everyone know that Wowmatcher recently hit 1000 activated accounts. We're glad to see people have been receptive of the site and its progressing to be the top warcraft recruitment site around. We still have alot of additions planned and we're going through every suggestion that comes in to help tailor the site to what the community needs. The coming soon list for all the major updates is above. If you see anything not in the list that would be helpful, let us know. In bug fixing news, we found that guild and player names with foreign characters (ie. á or ñ) were not able to get through our form validation. This has been fixed and you should be able to add your true names now. If you find any other trouble with these characters in names send us a message.

[7-24-09] - Progression Chart Addition

It took a little longer than planned but the new progression chart addition is now in place. We have all the WOTLK raids listed from Naxx to Ulduar and you can set detailed progression info about what your guild or player has accomplished including all the hard modes. Icons with tooltip info have also been addded to the search results to get a quick feel for a player or guild's progression as your searching. Guild profiles also now have links to WoWProgress so you can take a detailed look at the guild's achievements. Dont forget to update your profiles soon. Next up we're going to rework the search settings while adding new groups of search options which will include progression and schedule options, so look for that soon.

[7-3-09] - Guild/Player Intensity and More New Guild Stuff

After many requests for it, we added a gameplay intensity option for all profiles. You can now choose between hardcore, semi hardcore, and casual intensity settings. We also added an armory link and schedule region to the guild profiles. To get these new settings on your profiles you need to go update the options in your builder, so make sure to update them soon :). Another quick addition we added is a region search selection now to easily seperate the US and EU profiles. More to come soon, we just started to dig into the progression chart addition.

[6-30-09] - EU Servers and New Search Options

We have expanded our site support to now include EU Servers. As a result we have also added schedule region option to the all schedules to help identify which timezone or EU language region your guild or player operates in. Some additions were also made to the search pages. We spruced up the result frames to include class/faction icons and mini-schedules and also you can now search by number of raid nights/week and by player level. We've added a coming soon list that will stay at the top of this news page to let everyone know what's coming up next in development.

[6-19-09] - Wowmatcher on Twitter

Wowmatcher is now available on Twitter so you follow all upcoming site news and updates. We'll be sure to post any new features we add on Twitter. Follow us here . Also we trying to get the word out on Wowmatcher to get more people using the site and have more matching potential for everyone.

[6-12-09] - Message Alert System Added

The first update we have added to the site is the availability of both the on-site Message Alert Box (which will display in the upper corner of your screen) and email notification of received messages. Both of these features should help notify you when you have received a message from an interested match. When you receive an alert or email, go to the 'Message Center' tab under the MY MATCHER page and select your profile's mailbox to check your messages. These are also both optional features and can be disabled in your account info tab. Happy Matching!

[6-8-09] - Site Launched (Beta v1.0)

The beta version of has been launched. All functionality currently available on the site should be working with all compatible browers (check FAQ for list). We will be doing consistent bug fixes and feature updates to keep the site running smoothly. Please feel free to submit any comments, suggestions, problems, or bugs to help identify what is most needed to improve the site. Use the "Contact Us" link which is available in the footer of all pages to send us a message.

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